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Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:45 am by DarkApostle

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Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:28 am by DarkApostle

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 Applications to join [X]plosion

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PostSubject: Applications to join [X]plosion   Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:45 am

[X] are looking for active, sociable, aggressive players to expand our famous league.

In order to apply, please take out short questionnaire and post your answers plus a little about why you want to join us as well as you IGN, and rankings.


Question 1
You find an enemy player’s fleet home, what do you do?

A) Destroy it and harvest debris
B) Send him an IGM to let him know it isn’t safe to leave it there
C) Just ignore it and look for a planet with resources and no defence
D) Destroy, harvest and send a friendly IGM with hugs and kisses
E) Tell league members you have found it and get someone else to kill it while you help collect the debris.

Question 2
You find a planet with 5 million resources and no defences
you can only transport 1 million at a time and is 2hours each way
do you

A) Send multiple raids and hope no one else gets it
B) Send 1 raid and send message saying back tomorrow
C) Invite X members to collect some
D) Find a closer planet that has less resources

Question 3
You receive an IGM from a farm asking you to stop raiding him. Do you:

A) Apologies and leave him alone in future
B) Give him advice on how to stop being farmed
C) Not reply and keep farming
D) Keep farming and send a taunting message signed hugs an kisses

Question 4
You get bumped by an armed fleet of recyclers. Do you:

A) Destroy the fleet and the player out of principal
B) Destroy the fleet and start sending armed fleets to comets yourself
C) Find a new comet to farm
D) Start sending armed fleets with your comets

Question 5
There is a heated debate on X skype chat , a member insults you as you strongly disagree with thier opinion. Do you:

A) Insult the member back
B) Talk with your actions and send an attack at the other member
C) Agree to disagree and remain quiet to keep the peace
D) Report the disagreement to your Squad Leader and let them take the appropriate action
E) Leave the league

Question 6
You awake to find your fleet has been wiped and your resources taken. Do you:

A) Report to your squad what has happened immediately and help arrange them to revenge you
B) Hide what you have left so they cant take anymore while you quietly rebuild
C) Move operations to a new area of the galaxy
D) Send all annexes and ships to Fornax and take a break, hoping he will give up

Question 7
You are going to be AFK for a few days, what should you do.

A) Pray no one attacks you and your ships and res are there when you get back
B) Hide in the Fornax Galaxy and leave other planets at zero res
C) Ask the league for a sitter or two while you are away
D) Ask your Gran to watch your account

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Applications to join [X]plosion
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